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Takeoff tires, also known as "change over" or "high tread" tires, are tires that have been mounted on a rim and for various reasons, have been "taken off" and discounted in price. These tires are just as safe as a new tire, have nearly all the tread left, but cost much less then a new tire.  Where do such tires come from?  Read on ............

Sometimes when people buy a new car they don't like the tires that it comes with, so they have the car dealer put different tires on the new car.  The dealer then has no use for the "take-off" tires and are unable to sell the original tires as new even though they have not been used very much.   We buy these "take-off" tires and pass the discount on to you.

Another main reason for "take-off" tires is ride preference.  Sometimes a vehicle owner will not like the way a tire "feels".  When you have driven on a set of tires for 40,000 or even 60,000 miles, you get  used to the ride you have received over a two or three year period.  When new tires are installed, the vehicle is naturally going to handle differently because of the deeper tread on new tires.  Sometimes you experience a little "swerve" or "sway" and you are not sure if it should ride that way.  Some people want to try a new set of tires so they take advantage of the "30 day ride guaranty" that most tire dealers offer.  Here is how the "30 day ride guarantee" works and why it produces thousands of "take-off" tires. 

Tire manufactures build millions of tires a year, and for the most part, they are very safe and sound.  They also need repeat customers, so when they build the tire, the manufactures want to make sure you receive a mixture of long mileage and performance as well as good drivability.  Therefore, the manufactures sell the tires to dealers with the understanding that if there is a customer complaint, the dealer is to replace the tires within a reasonable amount of time (30 days).  At this point, the customer gets to try out the new tires and most of the time they find out the replacement tires ride the same as the first set of new tires and are happy for another 50,000 miles. 

The question is this:  "What happens to the first set of new tires that were taken off of the vehicle?  The answer is that in most cases, the dealer will send the tires back to the manufacturer for a ride complaint problem and receives a refund.  So what does the manufacturer do with thousands of tires that they can't sell as new? - Throw them away???  NO WAY - times are tough and competition is steep, so they sell they tires at a discounted price to dealers, such as TIRETOWN, who will not represent them as new tires but will sell for them for what they are - "TAKE-OFFS".  These tires seldom have more than 1,000 miles on them and still have the full tread remaining.

With suing being America's favorite pastime these days, we have to ask ourselves this question: "Would these major tire manufacturers risk a lawsuit for a $30 take-off tire?"  The answer of course is NO.  These tires are not resold if they are not just as safe as a new tire.  All take-off tires have been air-checked for leaks, cleaned of all dirt and road grime and the white letters and whitewalls have been protected from ugly black smudges by the same blue coloring that you see on new tires.

If by chance there is a problem with the workmanship of any tire that we have sold, the tire will be happily exchanged for another tire with no hassle.  



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