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If the word "Regroovable" is on the side of a tire (most truck tires are), the tread grooves may be cut deeper into the tire to give about 50% more tread.   This can be done without hurting the integrity of the tire because of an extra thickness of rubber that has been built into the tire during the manufacturing process.

The Regrooving of truck tires has been done for years. Because of the specialized equipment that this process requires, many tire dealers have chosen not to do regrooving.  Regrooving is an excellent option for the farm truck owner who does not drive a lot of miles because it is a lower cost solution than new tires or even retreads.

There are some state laws that restrict the use of regrooves, so check with us to see if they will work in your application area.  The cost for regrooving a tire is approximately $50 and requires a sound tire casing.


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